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Premium Natural Beef from Thomasville, Georgia
  At Home Park Farm we have been raising high quality beef in an environmentally sensitive way for over fifty years.

Thomas County, with its nearly year-round growing season and coastal plains soils, produces lush forages to which our cattle are naturally adapted.  Our spacious pastures with their oak oases and familiar pines support a cow herd we have carefully selected to thrive here without the need for growth stimulants or other chemical aids.  Beginning with Angus cattle known for their tenderness and marbling - we nurture calves here from birth until they are market ready. The processing of the beef further enhances its quality.  It is carcass aged and cut to your specifications.

We've all heard the word "agribusiness."  It is a philosophy that puts profits above good tasting food. 
  Of course, factory farms produce cheap food, but they often make production decisions that aren't in the best interest of either the land or the quality of the product.

Just think of the difference between a vine-ripened, freshly picked tomato and a store bought one that comes from some remote agribusiness "paradise."  Like that hand-reared tomato, our beef tastes better.

We sell Home Park Beef as wholes, halves or quarters.  When processed, a whole is usually about 400 lbs., a half is about 200 lbs and a quarter is about 100 lbs.  Probably the most popular method is for two families to share a half; that way each gets some of every cut.  Currently, priced on the hoof, we charge $1.25/lb. which translates to between $4.00-$4.50/lb. for the meat you put in your freezer.  The variation depends upon how you get the meat cut up and, to a lesser extent, on individual animal differences.
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